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About Us

At DomGeek our team runs on a stiff cocktail of coffee and technology.  We believe it’s our team that sets us apart.  We are constantly evolving to stay one step ahead of the next thing.  It’s a philosophy that ensures our clients are getting a world class solution.

Who We Are.

At a molecular level we are mostly comprised  of carbon, hydrogen and geek.  All of us have a great deal of experience and come from many backgrounds ranging from computer science to design.

What We Do.

Web & Mobile Solutions. Historically our projects have run the gamut of web technologies. From Mongo to Angular we can deliver a full or partial solution.

How We Do It.

Our SDLC is a six step work flow.  We listen, plan, develop, test, deliver, repeat. It’s a model that has proven to be very successful.

Non-Profit Swat Team

If you’re a non-profit, you have different challenges than the private sector.  Our Non-Profit Swat Team understands the landscape of a non-profit and can help you connect with your donors.


Non-Profit Results

Recently our Non-Profit Swat Team increased our client’s annual gift giving by a solid 24% as  a result of introducing new strategies, launching a sweet new design proven great through traditional usability testing with actual donors and constituents, and further refining the end-product through real-time A/B testing on the live site.

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A fantastic online experience is the sum of all great parts.


Our Clients

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty sweet brands. Here are just a few.

We also work behind-the-scenes for some of the top digital agencies.



Interested in speaking a little Geek with us? Drop us a line! We’re happy to talk tech and prepare a no-obligation proposal based on your specific needs. Generally speaking, no job is too small or too large for our team. And rush jobs don’t scare us too much – we just give our guys a little more coffee and Red Bull on those days.

Headquartered in Seattle, but we serve clients across the globe.

Contact us by phone or email – a real human will get back to you at agency speed. 


Phone:   425.445.1054